Campus Life



Founded in 1991, the college journal ZZULI Youth aims to contains an ideology, cultivates a mind”. It tries to convey the aspirations of our college students by words, plays transmit an order from above between students and school. It puts stress on the campus life and the mental dynamics contemporary of college students. The journal is committed to spread the positive and healthy campus culture and reflect the vigorous and fine features of the students. This magazine published twice annually, each printed nearly 2000 copies.

League Work Briefing

The school in “league work briefing as the carrier, always published by Zhengzhou university of light industry school flag waving plate net weekly in a semester, more than 300 issue briefings up to now. For a long time, “league work briefing based on the school league work to report, to guide thought, promote service as own duty, and cover the Dongfeng and Kexue two campus’ league contents and briefings comprehensively.

The other side

The other side journal of Zhengzhou university of light industry camel literature community, founded in 2001. The early name for the “central plains wind” later renamed “The other side, in March 2006 by the Picasso of poetry He Jingzhi’s prompt. The purpose of this journal is The spirit of independence, freedom of thought”, and the concept and spirit are none of the pomp’s business and writing the heart’s peace. “The other side committees to the literary low-key rich cultural connotation to the end. At present a total of 26 periods each printed 500 copies, distributed object for the club members and lovers of literature. 

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