Campus Life

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry Student Representative of the Executive Committee is abbreviated Zhengzhou University of Light Industry Student Union. It is one of the six important organizations of students under the leadership of the party committee of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry and the guidance of the Communist Youth League Committee of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. Besides, it is the core strength to carry out the work of communist youth league. Meanwhile, it is the bridge between teachers and students of our school, our school and outside school, and student organizations on campus. What’s more, it is an important organization to develop social skills of college students.

Organizational forms:

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry Student Union staff organizational structure is divided into four parts: The Bureau, the minister regiment, deputy minister of the departments, and the director general. It has nine departments. According to the order, there are Office, Learning Department, Life Interests Department, Propaganda Department, Human Resources Department, Sports Department, the Ministry of women, Social Practice Department and Art Department.

Daily work and major role:

The daily work of the Student Union is as follows: to carry out the education policy under the leadership of our Party, to organize students to develop a variety of useful activities for promoting the quality of student, to get more students involved in the management of the university, to inherit and carry forward our school motto  if you do itit's easyorit's difficult , to help school to conduct the project of school spirit and learning spirit, to bring students’ suggestions and requests into close contact with the school leaders, to secure the interests of students, to strengthen self-management of the cadres to help them play their role in work and develop the quality of their work, to strengthen the cooperation of college student’s organization of our school student organizations to promote the progress of each other and so on.

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