Adult education in Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry started in 1989, and Adult  Education Center, the special functional administrative department, was founded in 1993. To meet the requirement of national higher education reform and development, Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry set up School of Continuing Education based on Adult Education Center in May 2001. Our school includes Party and Administration Office, Section of Student Affairs, Section of Education, Section of Correspondence and other sections at present, and it is in charge of correspondence education, vocational skill training and appraisal, all sorts of short-term and mid-term training and other school-running and administration work relevant to continuing education in our institute.

School of Continuing   Education in Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry adheres to the principle of “run high-quality university, serve the society” and the guideline of “run standard university, strengthen the management, improve the quality, stabilize the development”. Relying on the school-running advantages and resource advantages, School of Continuing Education highlights school-running characteristics, stresses school-running effectiveness, constantly optimizes educational environment, perfects quality assurance system, reinforces teaching process management, enhances education and teaching quality and talent-cultivating quality, makes efforts to cultivate and mold practical talents who have literacy, discipline, capability and adaptability, and can meet the requirements of economic construction and social development. School of Continuing Education has cultivated more than 17,000 graduates who have received adult diploma education for national economic construction and social development and trained thousands of on-job talents for enterprises and institutions all over the country in the past twenty more years.

Our continuing education consists of non-diploma education and diploma education. Non-diploma education is made up of all kinds of vocational skill training, vocational skill appraisal and so on. Our school is the training base for backbone teachers in middle vocational schools in Henan province and the training base for faculty cultivation in Ministry of Education’s national key construction vocational education project. Training projects for Henan province’s backbone teachers in middle vocational schools, national backbone teachers in middle vocational schools, national engineering and technical talents in tobacco industry, and Henan delegation’s pre-competition training projects for vocational skill competition for the disabled and other training projects operate well and are widely accepted.

Diploma education includes regular college education and undergraduate education based on high school education, and undergraduate education based on regular college education. Our school is entitled to award Bachelor’s degree. Correspondence learning and part-time learning are the main learning types. Majors cover seven subjects: engineering, science, art, economy, management, law and education. Majors related to art designingengineering technology and economic management and other characteristic and brand majors are popular among candidates. Our school has established correspondence stations (teaching sites) in Shanxi province, Guangxi province and Xuchang, Pingdingshan, Xinxiang, Hebi and other cities in Henan province. At present there are more than 7,000 regular college students and undergraduates enrolled in our school to receive adult diploma education. Our school is also one of the hosts in charge of additional examinations for majors related to drawing and art in the national higher education exams for self-taught adults.

Our school will continue to earnestly implement Party’s educational policy, and closely center on ZZULI’s overall development goals. Motivated by reform and innovation and supported by modern information technology, our school tries to coordinate and extend continuing education resources, actively enhance construction and sharing of high-quality resources, and constantly optimize school-running and service system; our school tries to establish and perfect quality assurance system, innovate talent cultivating mode, continuously improve education and teaching quality; our school tries to perfect system and mechanism, standardize management, set up flexible and open life-long education system; our school tries to provide high-quality education service for all walks of life in our society, and promote the construction of life-long education system and learning-oriented society; our school tries to build education and training brand with standard management, distinctive characteristics, various forms and high education and teaching quality.

Courses may be given in our institute as well as other universities and enterprises. Welcome people of all circles with lofty ideals in the society to cooperate with our school and make contribution to economic and social development, construction of life-long education system and learning-oriented society, and “man” s knowledge innovation and overall quality promotion.

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