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ZZULI highly values alumni relationship and views it as the source of inspiration and reliable support. With the aim of uniting all the alumni, serving for the Alma Mater and feeding back to the society, Zhejiang University Alumni Association has achieved considerable success.  ZZULI prides on the fact that a large number of alumni working in all walks of life all over the world. 

The following are some representatives of ZZULI alumni doing outstanding contributions in their own fields. 

Of course, we are well aware that there are more alumni should be listed here and we sincerely hope more and more alumni contact us.

Tan Weilong was born in Fengshun Meizhou Guangdong province. In 1987 he graduated from the department of electrical machinery manufacturing and professional equipment of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry.  After graduation he engaged in technical work in Shenzhen China Bicycles Company, followed with Asia Bike Company. After that in the mid 90’s, he founded Kexinchao Bike Company, as well as the XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles co., LTD founded in 1995. After the Bike Companies, he successively established Minghefa Packing Material Factory, Nacai Color Printing Company and so on—in which he served as the chairman. Now he serves as the director of Guangdong Province bicycle industry association and the vice director of the China bicycle association.

Qu Zhigang, party members, Beijing cigarettes factory director, graduated from the institute of food engineering in July 1988. In 1990 ,he won the Beijing merit patriotic race pacesetter; in 1991 he rated as advanced workers of Beijing tobacco company; Successively he won the first prize in science and technology progress of Beijing tobacco company, science and technology progress prize at the state tobacco monopoly administration, and scientific and technological progress first prize, the state tobacco monopoly administration of the People's Republic of China on scientific and technological progress second prize; in 2004.he also won the third Beijing outstanding young entrepreneurs.

Zhang Guoxiao, male, han nationality, born in November 1975, attended the major of decoration art design in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry from 1995 to 1998; from1998 to 2000 he served as editor, journalists in Henan Daily News; after that he founded Small Cherry Cartoon Art co., LTD in 2000 in Zhengzhou. Then he became the Company president of Zhengzhou Small Cherry Cartoon from 2000 to 2008 in December; And then in 2003 he became the sixth World Cartoon Conference Organizing committee memberSince 2006 he became chairman of the Association of Henan Province Cartoonist, Animation Industry Association of Henan Province; In June, 2008 he served as national animation industry base (Henan base) CMC director; Since December 2008, he was Zhengzhou Small Cherry Cartoon chairman of the board of directors of the company; In January 2009, he was chosen to represent the thirteenth session of National People's Congress of Zhengzhou city, the same year he was named outstanding graduates of Henan province star of self-employment pacesetter.

Hejian, party member, he was the department of mechanical engineering college graduate of 1980 in our school, he was born in Xiangtan Hunan province, he is the eleventh people's congress of Hunan province, and now he acts as the chairman and the party secretary of Huatian industrial holding group co., LTD. He served as general manager of Hunan wuling group co., LTD, vice general manager of Provincial Handicraft Group Corp, general manager and vice party secretary of Provincial Packing Corporation, he gained “The top 20 of Chinese hotel industry”, “The top 300 of global hotel industry”, “The pioneer of China's national brands in the hotel industry”, “Chinese top ten most popular hotel”, “The international five star Diamond Award” and other honorary titles. Huatian international travel service co., LTD is the only international travel agency that has been consecutively awarded a national hundred travel agency in the last six years. The trademark of “HUATIAN”, “JINJIANG” in Shanghai and “WHITE SWAN” in Guangzhou tie for three well-known trademarks in China's hotel industry, and they are the representative and symbol of midwestern industry.

Qiao Qiusheng, he is an economic management college graduate of 1990 in our school, and now he acts as the chairman and the party secretary of the Yellow River in Henan industrial group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the yellow group), he he served as deputy to the National People's Congress to participate in the National People's Congress. About the group’s development, he said:” the mind of emancipation, reform and innovation and scientific development,” run through the development of the enterprise. While emancipating the mind and renewing the notion are the “golden key” of the Yellow  River Group which opens the door to the synthetic diamond empire.

Yin Shaohui, male, he was born in Xiangtan Hunan province in October 1967 , he is an electrical machinery manufacturing and professional equipment college graduate of 1983 in our school, he is a doctor of engineering ,studying in Japan, and currently he serves as director of the National Engineering Research Center for High Efficiency Grinding Micro nano Manufacturing Institute, professor, doctoral supervisor in Hunan University. A visiting researcher of Japanese national Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, the reviewer of WEAR, TOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY and other national authoritative journals; the peer reviewer of National 8 6 3 orders, national science foundation of china, National award committee project; The member of JSPE and JSAT; The senior member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and Chinese Optical Society.

Li Wenfeng, male, he was born in 1966. He majored in mechanism in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry from 1995 to 1998. And now he acts as vice president, Professor and Doctoral tutorof logistics engineering college of Wuhan University of Technology, young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution in Hubei province, the ministry of education of higher school logistics class teaching steering committee members from 2006 to 2010, China Association of Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Manufacturing Committee standing committee, China Society of Logistics executive director, members of the Committee of Intelligent Robot of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, executive director of the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Integration of Hubei, Hubei Mechanical Design and Transmission Association executive director, Hubei Society of Logistics and the  Journal of Image and Graphics  freelance expert reviewers, computer supported collaborative design (CSCWID) and other international academic program committee members.

Wang Shaojun, male, Han nationality, was born in ZhengzhouHenanProvince in July 1969. He majored in finance and accounting of (now Institute  of Economics and Management) in our school from 1998 to 1990. He is a disabled person who suffers from muscular dystrophy and just relys on a wheelchair to walk, but he was also the 153rd torchbearer of Zhengzhou station in torch relay of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008! Currently, he has founded a forum named Beyond Disability on the Internet, and composed the blog-- Sufferers Garden in Sohu; he also has set up a clinic about surpassing the disability and health advisory which is free to offer the psychological counseling for those who need. At the same time, he has managed a refrigerator which attracts many clients because of the sincerely service and a biggest supermarket in Zhongmou. Especially in the period of SARS in 2003, when garlic trading of Zhongmou got into trouble, he at once established the trading floor and the floor on the internet to offer the newest market information freely. When Beijing held the Olympics in 2008, he composed many lyrics works for Olympics and Paralympics, such as Love of Transfer, Hold Your Dreams, Expection, Come on, Beijing! and Light of Light, and so on, which advanced and enriched the theme of fraternity, equality, striving and harmony.Olympic official website, Hebei Daily, Zhengzhou Evening News, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, Henan Business Daily, Oriental Today News, Zhengzhou People's Broadcasting Station and other media for his deeds gave a report.

Yan Xiangguo, he graduated from the department of control engineering in July 1983, party member, and now he acts as the deputy director of the Xi’an Jiaotong university institute of biomedical engineering. He is the academic leader of electronic technology in modern medicine instrument laboratory national professional laboratory and biomedical information engineering of ministry of education key laboratory of the xi 'an Jiaotong university, youth work committee member of China Instrument and Control Society, the director of the institute of biomedical engineering in Shanxi Province, and the director of the professional committee member of the Shanxi provincial institute of biomedical engineering medical electronic instrument.

Luan Zusheng, male, Tujia, was born in EnshiAutonomousPrefecture in Hefeng Hubei province in March 1966, party member, economics PhD. He graduated from the department of management accounting class 1 of grade 86 of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, and stayed in work In July 1988. In September 1994 he was admitted to study for a master's degree at the accounting department of Nankai university, after graduation in 1997 he entered Henan branch of China construction bank; In September 1998 he was admitted to study for a doctorate in economics of Nankai university, after graduation in 2001 he entered the headquarters of China Everbright bank, and has taken charge of the head office for examination and approval of the credit manager, the eastern region deputy director of the center for examination and approval of the credit, the director of the center for examination and approval of Ningbo and so on. Since 2005 he has taken charge of the party committee member, director of risk, assistant governor of China Everbright bank Fuzhou branch; member of the party committee, deputy governor, director of risk of Shenzhen branch; secretary and president of the party committee of Wuxi branch, now he acts as the president assistant of China Everbright bank.

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