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The Alumni Association closely centers on the purposes of “cohering emotion, serving the alumni,assisting institute of light industry, and contributing to society”, takes providing services for alumni, school and society as our duty. It fully integrates the resource of alumni by continuously making the communication bridge open, enlarging the members of alumni and expanding cooperative channels. The alumni association devotes itself to propagandizing the school, contacting alumni, facilitating the development of alumni associations around China, thus promoting the exchange and cooperation between the alumni and their alma mater.

With the efforts from many sides, the alumni association is growing stronger and improving itself, and it is condensing the numerous light school alumni into a collectivity of unity friendliness and striving to make progress. At present, our school has more than 20 alumni associations across the country, with the number of the alumni being more than 100,000, and a nationwide network of contacting alumni is gradually established.

In recent years, the alumni association has collected alumni situation at home and abroad through various channels to establish and update alumni archive and contacts and strengthen the contact with alumni around the country; The alumni association has established branches in various departments , and has built a network of alumni, for which a specialized person is responsible; It also impels the alumni information of the online application system and management to build information network platform of communication for the alumni;we propagandizes the development status of school timely and alumni good deeds through various channels (alumni association website,, alumni communications magazine: Alumni Communications, QQ, WeChat, Weibo, etc.) to expand the social influence and popularity of the school; It also Strengthens the school's support for alumni, deepens the communication and cooperation between the school and alumni in discipline construction, production, personnel training, students in employment, the social practice and so on; Coordinate alumni branches around the country start working actively, making it a sweet home of the alumni of excluding the difficulty and anxiety and communication.

The alumni association of Zhengzhou University of light industry which is the bridge and the link of connecting alma mater with alumni and “the home of alumni” for serving the alumni, it is playing an increasingly active role in condensing alumni resources, promoting the school development, expanding the school influence and so on.

The alumni association warmly welcomes fellow alumni at home and abroad in his Alma mater, to renew friendship.

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