College of Food and Biological Engineering (School of Tobacco Science and Engineering)


Founded in 1985, School of Food and Biological Engineering is one of the departments with longest history in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. It was renamed to Department of Food and Biological Engineering in 2000. School of Food and Biological Engineering was constructed in April, 2005 while School of Tobacco Science and Engineering was announced in 2010. Currently we have around 2000 students enrolled for graduate and undergraduate studies.


Faculty and Staff

With a total number of 115 for faculties and staffs, we now boast an academic faculty of 91, 21 of them professors while 65 of them with doctorates in their chosen fields. Meanwhile, 6 of our faculties have been titled as “Henan Province Distinguished Professor”, “Henan Province Distinguished 100 Talent Researcher”, “Henan Province Famous Teacher” or “Henan Province Excellent Teacher”. Creative research groups of Province/University level with professors and doctors as group cores have been set up with a number of 13.

Furthermore, we have research contracts with more than 30 high level professors/professionals from domestic and international universities, research institutes and corporations.


Academic Programs

Within School of Food and Biological Engineering, 5 undergraduate majors lead to the Bachelor of Science/Engineering degree: Food Science and Engineering (including Tobacco Science and Engineering), Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Food Quality and Security, and Tobacco. At the graduate level, students can specialize in the following 6 academic Master of Science directions: Food Science and Engineering (Level 1), Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, etc; and 2 professional Master of Science directions: Food Engineering, and Light Industry Technology and Engineering.


Laboratory Construction

Focusing on the academic development, a multiple-level teaching platform with practice has been constructed, including basic major laboratories, specialty laboratories, and laboratorial training centers on- and off-campus.

With the academic support of School of Food and Biological Engineering, multiple centers for teach and research have been constructed: Henan Province “Food Production and Security” Collaborative Innovation Center, International United Food Security Laboratory, Key Laboratorial Education Base for Food Processing and Security Control of Ministry of Education, Henan Province Laboratorial Education Show Center for Food Science and Engineering, Education Center for Cigarette Flavorist of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, Key Laboratory of Tobacco Industrial Biotechnology, Key Major Open Laboratory of Food Security for Universities of Henan Province, Henan Province Technical Research Center of Tobacco Flavors and Fragrances.


Student Activities

School of Food and Biological Engineering holds the idea of “Strict Administration and Great Kindness Based on the Demands of Students”. Extracurricular activities, such as Undergraduate Innovation and Business Startup Training, “Coconut Cup Innovative Manipulation”, Participations in Laboratorial Research etc., are carried out all year long. The qualities of graduated students keep increasing with 95% employment ratio and 25% graduate entrance exam participation ratio. Daring to be the first and being innovative and creative, our students have received high reputation from society.

To further promote the education quality, “Administration Policies of Teachers for Student Employment Instruction” and “Administration Instructions for Undergraduate Advisor” have been proposed and put into practice since 2014. School has assigned academic advisors for every class of freshman with a period of 2 years and individual instructor for each junior student.

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