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The delegates of Collaborative Innovation Center visited Buffalo State University of New York.

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In order to further probe collaborative innovation system and mechanism of university's scientific research mode, learn scientific research system innovation and personnel training experience from world-famous universities, enhance the  collaborative innovation ability of the central team, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, Zhang Hongzhong, executive deputy director of this center, led backbone members of this center and several directors of material chemistry department, totally 14 person, visited Buffalo State University of New York from October 4 to October 19.

During this visit, Prof. Mark Severson, Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences, Dr. McMillan,director of the department of excellent graduates, Doc. Grinnell, Prof. Macho of the Department of Occupational and Technical Education, Professor Warren of the Department of Biology, Dr. McCartney, Director of the Center for Microenterprise Development, Dr. Summers, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division and others have introduced the experience and practices of disciplines with special advantages, professional settings, research funding management, undergraduate student planning model, dual-creative education, personnel training, engineering design innovation, the Great Lakes ecological interdisciplinary innovation research, mechanism of micro-enterprise production, research and development, the structure of educational institutions in the United States and the management practices of research institutions. The center delegation also visited the Department of Biology Laboratory, the Center of Great Lakes Ecological Research, the workshop of vocational and technical education production. Also, the delegation walked into the classroom to experience the small class teaching of Prof. Warren’s, experience the interactive engineering design teaching of Prof. Macho’s, and carried out extensive and in-depth communications with them. At the appreciation banquet, Prof. Zhang Hongzhong thanked the Buffalo Academy for their warm reception and the teachers' lectures on behalf of the Collaborative Innovation Center. The Center cordially invited them to visit the Collaborative Innovation Center and carry out cooperation in all aspects. Dr. Summers accepted the invitation on behalf of Buffalo College and issued a training certificate for each member. In the end, Dr. Summers took a group photo with the delegation. The visit was successfully concluded.

The two-week visit has further deepened the traditional friendship and cooperation between two schools and widened the potential areas of cooperation. At the same time, we have also established a channel for the future development of young teachers and postgraduates in international exchanges and personnel training. And it’s conducive to enhancing the international perspective of the center research team and the level of collaborative innovation.

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