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The International Students Learned Paper cutting in 2017"Chinese Culture Experience Tour"

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The international students learned Chinese paper cutting in our school on23rd, June. The students gathered in class 201, No.4 building and began to learn paper cutting which was taught by Mr. Chang Yangyang. At first, Mr. Chang used PPT to show traditional paper-cut styles about window flowers, lanterns and introduced the symbols of some designs. Then, Mr. Chang taught how to cut peony, butterfly, double luck and some other designs. Although it was the first time to know about the Chinese paper cutting, the students get involved actively. Lena who was from Korea hoped Mr. Chang taught her how to cut a turtle. She would sent it to her grandma after she went home. Mr. Chang taught everyone patiently, so the students could cut some designs very well. At last, Mr. Chang cut some classical designs and sent them to all of the students. The students took pictures with Mr. Chang happily.

The international students knew about the Chinese paper cutting and experienced the profound Chinese art through this activity.

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