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2017 “Chinese Culture Camp”---Pottery

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       In order to know more about Chinese culture, the international students had the pottery course in the pottery classroom of No.5 West Building, Dongfeng Campus in the afternoon of June 21st.

      Before trying by themselves, Ms.Lijuan Zhang, the pottery teacher of Art &   DesignCollege, taught international students the theory of pottery, and then taught them how to make a semi-product with clay hand by hand. Brandon, an American student, said: “I’ve never thought that I could have my own pottery. It's amazing to see the clay finally turn into a flowerpot”.

      In the morning of June 27th, International students had their second pottery course-Glazing. Ms.Lijuan Zhang showed the whole glazing process and highlighted matters needing attention. And then, students began to glaze their own semi-product with their favorite color.

Through the experience of making pottery, international students have experienced the unique charm of Chinese Pottery culture, enriched their Chinese culture trip

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