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2017 “Chinese Culture Camp”---Chinese Painting

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      On June 22nd, international students had the Chinese Painting course in the Room 201 of No.4 East Building, Dongfeng Campus. Prof. Yixin Zhang painted and students watched the whole process and felt the charm of Chinese Painting.

      At 9am, although the rain was coming down in buckets, international students came to the classroom on time. Through communicating with students, Prof. Zhang mastered the students' knowledge of Chinese painting. After introducing the different painting tools and their usage, Prof. Zhang began to show how to paint a Chinese painting. During the process, students were eager to try. When Prof. Zhang finished, all 11 international students tried to paint and felt the charm of Chinese Painting.

      By watching the process of painting and painting by themselves, international students have a deeper understanding of Chinese painting, and more deeply feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

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