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International Students Experience Chinese Calligraphy

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On the morning of June 21st , international students experienced Chinese calligraphy activity was held in Dongfeng campus. We had the honor to invite Professor Zhang Yixin as lecturer to introduce Chinese calligraphy toward international students.

Firstly, Professor Zhang gave a short introduction on the four treasures of Chinese calligraphy including brush, ink, paper and ink stone. Then, Professor Zhang introduced the origin of the four treasures and written way. Taught by Professor Zhang, international students had a new understanding on Chinese calligraphy. After introduction, Professor Zhang led students into the practical exercises. “I didn't think that it looks so simple, so difficult to write for me!” Korean student Gao Yingen said. And Jin Xiaozhen who had studied in China for two years said: “I learned Chinese calligraphy before, but it is also difficult to practice”.

Through practicing, international students could use brush to write Chinese characters. And they felt the charm of Chinese calligraphy and had a new understanding on calligraphy art.

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