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Graduation Ceremony Held on June 18

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The Commencement for the graduates was held at the Grand Auditorium on the morning of June 18. Mr. Lin Shixuan, the Chairman of the Administration Committee of ZZULI and Mr. Ju Yiwen, the President of ZZULI, attended the ceremony. Other leaders included Ms. Zhang Shengli and Mr. Zhang Xifan, the vice the Chairman of the Administration Committee; Gong Yi, Huang Suiqing, Lv Yanli and Zhao Jihong, the vice president of ZZULI.

The Commencement began with the National Anthem.

Ms. Zhang Shengli, Mr. Lv Yanli and Ms. Zhao Jihong successively delivered speeches to the 4030 graduates.

Ji Luyu, the reprehensive of the graduates, made a speech. He said that they gained a lot during the busy but meaningful four years they have spent in ZZULI. And they are on the way to a bright future.

Mr. Ju Yiwen, the president of ZZULI, made a concluding speech titled Be Ambitious and Strive for Excellence. He expressed his congratulations and sincere wishes to the graduates. Then he said that ZZULI will always be the home for the graduates.






















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