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Further Achievements in Discipline Construction

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Recently, 17 disciplines of ZZULI including Food Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering have entered into the “The Ninth List of key Discipline Construction issued by Henan Provincial Department of Education. The List includes a total number of 400 key subjects in the province's universities and ZZULI ranks sixth. The approval of the 17 key disciplines marks the establishment of a better Discipline Layout for ZZULI.

The ninth batch of provincial key disciplines adhere to high quality development, focusing on the connotation promotion, to the construction for traction, discipline concise direction, the convergence of high-end talent, build, strengthen exchanges, the key subjects completed the quality of personnel training, The ninth project approval was formally launched by Provincial Education Department in September 2017. ZZULI attaches great importance to the work, and all the 17 disciplines recommended by ZZULI have been approved. The construction period of key disciplines in Henan province is from 2018 to 2023. In 2020, Henan Provincial Department of Education will carry out a mid-term inspection. the final inspection will be carried out in 2023.

Guided by the idea of constructing double top universities, the List aims to build a platform for innovation, a high level of scientific research, and exchange of high-tech achievements.

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