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National Day Reception for Foreign Experts Held by ZZULI

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On the afternoon of September 29, 2009, the national day reception for foreign experts working in ZZULI was held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of China. Mr. Ju Yiwen, the president of ZZULI, Mr. Lu Yanli and Ms. Zhao Jihong, vice president, attended the reception. Ms. Zhao presided over the meeting.

President Ju extended greetings to the foreign experts on behalf of all the faculties of ZZULI.

Mr. Ju said that earth-shaking changes have been made in China since China was founded in 1949. The living standards of Chinese people have been tremendously improved thanks to the policies of reforming and opening-up in the recent 30 years. Chinese higher education also made brilliant progress which can be mirrored in the development of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry which was set up in 1977. These achievements are due to the policies of reforming and opening-up, due to the joint efforts of all the faculties including the foreign experts.

Mr. Ju highly appreciated the brilliant contributions made by the foreign teachers. Ms. Jane Marcum is the outstanding representative. Mr. Ju said that Ms. Jane Marcum was invited to the National Day Reception held by Chinese government in Beijing is a great honor to herself, an honor to the foreign teachers in ZZULI even to all the foreign teachers in Henan.

Mr. Ju pointed that ZZULI must become a more internationalized university so that the aim of a teaching and research university could be realized. That requires more and more exchanges and cooperation with the world well-known universities.

The Mid-autumn Day, a very important traditional Chinese festival is approaching. Mr. Ju said that ZZULI is a big family whose bright future should be designed by every family member.

 Ms. Jane Marcum delivered a speech on behalf of the foreign teachers. She appreciated very much the support and help she has got from ZZULI and she believes that ZZULI will have a more promising future.






















President Ju Yiwen is delivering a speech
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